Lambda Tau Upsilon

Christian Sorority, Inc.

We are Sisters in Christ, Unified through Christ.

Sorority membership is a lifetime commitment, requiring time, dedication, and resources but it also rewards its members in providing a nurturing environment in which to develop and share their skills and talents. It is a loving place for encouraging, uplifting and willing the best of every sister. 

As our focus is not academics or professional development, neither is a qualification of membership. We encourage all of our members to be the very best that God wills us to be in every aspect of life. Membership in Lambda Tau Upsilon is by invitation only. Once you express your interest, we will contact you, get to know you and fellowship with you. Once it is established that you qualify for membership, you will receive a formal invite to Immerse yourself into our organization. 

Membership in Lambda Tau Upsilon provides a lifetime of love, unity and fellowship. If you are in agreement with us and are interested in joining our loving family, eager to "...make God truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. Not being selfish, not trying to impress others. Being humble, thinking of others, not looking out only for our own interest, but taking an interest in others, too."-Philippians 2:2-4